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Law of the Jungle in Relationships

Law of the jungle in Relationships


Kipling wrote about it a long time ago, yes there is something like a law of the jungle.
But, did you know there are also some kind of laws, principles, in relationships?
In short, there are 3 important laws or principles we have to follow if we want to have satisfying relationships;
belonging, order and balance.

We are born in a family and are bound to them, that means we will do anything to feel the love of our parents and family so we can experience a feeling of belonging. 
By this feeling of belonging we surrender and give ourselves to our family.  We are part of this system (this group of people) and contribute our power and strength to this group
by following their way of life, their norms and values and will act by these ‘rules of the system’ because we belong to them.

In exchange for this loyalty we can acces the power of the family-line, built up through the different generations, if… life (love) can flow easily from one generation to the other.
If there are bumps in the road, meaning things like secrets, argues, quarrels, abuse,… life itself can not flow easily through the family line and no one will be able to fully acces
the full potential that lies in the family energy.
To experience a true and authentic feeling of belonging, we have to fully accept what we are given, even if that is not what we needed as a child. 
We have to accept fully where we come from, to find our own true path in life.

Second law or principle is order.
We have to respect the order of the family line to experience a feeling of belonging.  Our parents are our parents and they existed before we did as a child, so,
because of this, they are more experienced in life than we and they carry a huge amount of weight compared to us as a kid.  This difference will last our lifetime.
Same goes up for your own kids.  
In this way, everyons has his own place in the system.  Older kids come first.  The firstborn has the first place, the second born the second place, etc…
If some people, and there always are, are excluded or forgotten or not recognized, they still have their own place in the system.  Dead, aborted, excluded, secrets,…
Their place has to be respected or everyone will feel there is something ‘not right’ in the system.

And last but not least comes the principle of balance.
Every relationship, expect the relation between parents and kids has to respect the balance between giving and taking.  If not, the relationship will come to an end. 
Without balance, the relationship can not exist.
Between parents and kids it is simple; parents give and children receive.  Whatever is given.  If they can receive, they ‘take’ their place, and will experience a feeling of belonging.

If you are able to respect these three principles, you are able to live your life to the fullest and experience a deep and true inner peace within yourselve that will last a lifetime.